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Information About Grande Cache

How to Get to Grande Cache:

Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada is in the west central part of the province of Alberta. Passing right through town is the Bighorn Highway 40 North. It is the quickest, most scenic route to the Alaska Highway in Alberta. The Bighorn Highway intersects with Highway 16 in the south, and Highway 2 in the North (in Grande Prairie).

The nearest towns to Grande Cache are Hinton, 140 km south and Grande Prairie, 180 km north. Edmonton, via Hinton is 450 km south east. Jasper is 200 km southwest. Calgary, via the Rocky Mountain Parks, is 700 km southeast. International Airports are located in Edmonton and Calgary. Regional Airports are located in Grande Prairie and Jasper.

What to do when you get here:

Grande Cache is one of the last virtually unknown destinations in the Rocky Mountains. A small town surrounded by majestic vistas of the front ranges, it is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, trail riding, fishing, golfing, mountain biking, and using all-terrain vehicles are popular activities. For the most part, every trail and river is a wilderness experience with virtually no signs of civilization. Those trails are becoming favourites of extreme racers worldwide as they take on the three Canadian Death Races.

Surrounding the town on three sides is Willmore Wilderness Park, a wilderness reserve that protects more than 4000 sq. kilometres of the Northern Rockies.The park is often referred to as "Walking in the Sky Country", with it's epic sweep of high alpine meadows among peaks over 8000'. The Continental Divide is the western border of the Park, and Jasper National Park forms the southern border. The only way into the park is on horseback, mountain bike or by hiking. Even helicopters are only used in emergencies. There are no permanent buildings or roads, just age-old trails left from trappers and buffalo. Very few people access this back country - it's a land of lakes and mountains so remote they have often have no names.

What services are available:

In town, there are several good restaurants and other retail services available. Amenities include a Tourism Interpretive Centre, a fully serviced Recreation Centre & Arena, a Hospital, and Medical Centre. The population of about 4000 is very friendly. Accommodations are very economical, with rates less than 1/4 of the national parks. Visitors can stay in Hotels, Motels, Vacation Apartment Suites, or at a Bed & Breakfast. There are five campgrounds with a fully serviced municipal campground located adjacent to the town site. There is also a cabin facility 40 km south of town.

- Photo by Terry Deamer