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Contributors to Passport to the Peaks:

This program was only made possible by a grant by the Town of Grande Cache, and the support and assistance of Alberta Forestry and the Grande Cache Tourism Centre.

The following volunteers, motivated by their love of the mountains, put the program together:

Keith Darcel, Dale Tuck, Terry Deamer, Jack Deenik, Andy Campbell, Paul Bailey, Gerry Verstraten, Jean Bourdua, Ian MacDonald, Robert Guest, Len Stroebel, Merrill Tuck, Bob Johnston, and Sylvia Darcel.

The following volunteers helped build trails:
Ken Beard, Paul Bowen, Gina Goldie, Jarko Jalava, Len Stroebel, Carol Bailey, Reece Bailey, Ciara Bailey, Keaton Bailey, Del Scott, Gerry Verstraten.

The following are photo contributors:
Amy Gray, Jo Sharlow, Robert Coughlin, Audrey Norton, Dale Tuck, Karen Mayner, Clayton and Marilynn Baker, Robert Johnston, Jack Deenik and Robert Guest.

The following contributed to this web site:
Gina Goldie, Chris Goulet

Sunset Mountain from Adams Ridge
- R. Guest